home supplies coir mattress

home supplies coir mattress

  1. Natural materials
  2. Mothproof&anti-bacteria
  3. Comfortable&Moderate elasticity
  4. Warm in winter cool in summer
  5. 100% coconut fibre to effectively improve blood circulation and promising superior spinalcare.
    Its ventilation and water penetration wick moisture away to provide you a fresh and dry enviroment throughout your sleep.

    • Well ventilation
    • Water penetration
    • Superior Spinal care
    • Good blood circulation
    • Natural Firmnes

Polyester frabic

  1. It is environment and strong breathability.
  2. Safe and smooth.
  3. Soft and comfortable.

Features about Natural healthy and comfortable coir mattress

(1) Sanitation:

All the coir fiber is being steamed at high temperature for several times and being formed. It’s also degreased,as well as mothproof and anti-bacteria.

(2) Natural :

Rubberized coir sheet is made of coir fibre with fine quality and natural latex, chemical material is never being used in the process of production.

(3) Air and Water Permeable

Coir sheet is made from twisted coir fibre first, then being felted with natural latex compound. The twisted coir fibre is like thousands and thousands “plant spring”, forming three-dimensional structure,which make the sheet have nice feature of air and water permeable.Cool in summer, warm in winter.

(4) Elasticity moderate and lasting

For all rubberized coir sheet is being formed, it’s not easy to be deformed and the elasticity can last for a long time.


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